4 Ways of Handing Postpartum Symptoms

As a birthmother, you have a unique journey after your baby is born. However, you may face postpartum depression after your child is placed in a new home. This is a struggle faced by mothers and birthmothers alike. However, you may have symptoms that other moms can’t relate to. These are the most common symptoms of postpartum depression, and how … Read More

Open Adoption: The Real Story

Open Adoption The Real Story

Open Adoption Open adoption is much more common than it was 20 years ago. In previous generations it was common to “hide” the pregnancy, “give up” your baby in a closed adoption, then leave both the birthmother and the child wondering about one another years later. Today open adoption is acknowledged for its many benefits to both the birthmother and … Read More

Adoption USA Survey

Adoption USA Survey

Adoption USA did a survey in 2007 and published the findings in 2009. They found some interesting statistics that we still find hold true with our clients today. Here are some of the findings: Adopted children are less likely than are children in the general population to live in households with incomes below the poverty threshold (12 compared with 18 … Read More

Top 5 Things to Consider For Adoption

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a rush of conflicting emotions to go through you. You may be swimming in disbelief, shock, uncertainty, and a hundred other emotions. Taking time to get a grasp on your emotions by considering these five points can help reset your emotional stability.   Your baby’s needs should be your number one concern. Thinking of the … Read More