Top 5 Things to Consider For Adoption

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a rush of conflicting emotions to go through you. You may be swimming in disbelief, shock, uncertainty, and a hundred other emotions. Taking time to get a grasp on your emotions by considering these five points can help reset your emotional stability.


    1. Your baby’s needs should be your number one concern. Thinking of the best home for your baby will allow you to decide if adoption is right for you. If you are not able to provide everything you wish for your baby to have, adoption may be the right choice.
    2. Extended support should be considered. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy there is more to think about than your readiness to be a parent. Providing your baby with a safe and loving household ready to accept the responsibility of a baby is important. Also, choosing adoptive parents that have the support of extended family means the baby will have the love, security, and support he needs to have a future filled with possibilities.
    3. Removing the child from an unhealthy environment is a must. If you have become pregnant while in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, removing the baby from that environment can be the best gift you ever give.
    4. Financial stability is a gift. If you are unable to provide a financially stable environment as you complete your education, adoption in a two-parent, financially stable household can provide your baby with a college education and a future destined for a successful career.


  • What kind of adoption should you consider? Closed, semi-open, and open adoptions are the options you have. Each come with benefits. It is important to begin discussing your options with someone qualified as soon as possible so you have time to prepare and decide what is right for you.



A birthmother doesn’t have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. Considering these top five points will help you begin the process of deciding what is best for you, and most importantly your baby.