New Year’s Resolutions For a Birthmom

It’s a new day, and a new year for everyone to look forward to. However, the change of the calendar may bring different emotions for all the birthmothers who placed their children for adoption in 2017. If this is your first New Year or holiday as a birthmother, we know the celebration is much different for you than it is … Read More

I Did An Adoption And Never Told My Family

The story of a birthmother is one we don’t often hear. It’s likely because being a birthmother is scary, stressful, and put under an unfair stigma for women who choose this path. When a mother is making possibly the hardest decision that will ever be asked of her, she is told to keep quiet and face it all on her … Read More

Ways You Can Support an Expectant Birthmother

Choosing adoption is one of the hardest decisions a woman could ever be asked to make. This decision requires selflessness, sacrifice, and great responsibilities. If you know a woman planning to her child for adoption, your support is essential. Many women fear the social repercussions of adoption. Birthmothers are often stigmatized for their decision without having the chance to tell … Read More

Financial Planning for Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy comes with all sorts of unfamiliar territory. You’re feeling emotions you’ve never experienced, and facing some of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make in your lifetime. Plus, you have to make the practical decisions – how to support yourself during pregnancy, how to continue working if you need to, and how to make sure your baby … Read More

Birthmother Grief During the Holidays

For most people, fall time is a time to celebrate. It’s a time to be with family, to share in the joys and successes of the past year, and give thanks for all you’ve been given. But the holidays aren’t like this for everyone. For some of us, the holidays are a time of grief.   Your first holiday season … Read More

One Child’s Story of Open Adoption

Fifteen years ago a mother gave birth to two boys. Mom’s life was in shambles; she was on drugs, in an abusive situation, wasn’t able to hold a job, and had an unclean place to live. Her significant other was also an addict and wasn’t keeping a job for long. Their relationship was tumultuous and no place for two sweet … Read More

A Family Member Wants to Adopt My Baby. Is It a Good Idea?

You’ve told everyone the news. You’re pregnant and have no idea what to do next. You’re doing your best to process the emotions, but there are all these unanswered questions… “Should I keep my baby and try to raise him or her?” “Will my friends and family actually support me long-term or are they just being nice?” “What if I … Read More

No Support For My Adoption Decision

Jenna found out that she’s pregnant and after much consideration, has decided to place her baby for adoption. She feels that she isn’t financially suitable to raise a child and she doesn’t feel ready to raise a baby on her own. She works most days as it is and knows she can’t raise her child as well as someone else … Read More

What Is Open Adoption?

According to Creating A Family (, closed domestic adoptions only make up 5% of adoptions that take place. 40% of adoptions are mediated and 55% of those adoptions are open. The percentage of adoption agencies that offer open adoption has also increased to 95%. It seems as if secrecy is becoming a thing of the past in regards to adoption. … Read More

Questions To Ask Your Potential Adoptive Parents

So you’ve made the decision to place your baby for adoption. The next step is to work with an agency (like Birthmother’s Choice) to choose the adoptive parents. You want to be sure that you choose a family you are comfortable with to raise your child so it’s important when you meet with them to ask a lot of questions. … Read More