How to Soothe Pre-Delivery Anxiety

how to sooth pre-delivery anxiety

How to Soothe Pre-Delivery Anxiety Most women look forward to pregnancy, but feel tense about the actual delivery. It’s hard not to be a little nervous since every birth on T.V. shows a screaming, crying woman who is either very angry or incredibly scared. These sensationalized representations of childbirth leave out the good side of delivery and exaggerate the scary … Read More

Should I Tell Him? – Conversations With the Father To Be

Conversations with the Father to Be

Conversations With the Father To Be You think you’re alone. Even if you’ve been dating him for years, the responsibility feels like it’s on you… “How am I going to tell him I’m pregnant?” You can’t escape thinking about it. “Will he leave me? Will my parents hate him? Can we afford this?” No one can answer these questions for you, but … Read More

6 Things a Birthmother Wants Adoptive Parents to Know

6 Things a Birthmother Wants Adoptive Parents to Know A birthmother experiences many emotions, feelings, and conscious decisions as she goes through the process from finding out about her unplanned pregnancy to placing the child into his adoptive home to thinking about the child as he becomes a young adult. The decision wasn’t easy; but, if adoption is the choice … Read More

Adoption Letter

Adoption Letter

Dear Son – Adoption Letter As I think about you today, you are 28 years old. I imagine you graduated high school at the top of your class, were handsome and well-liked, and participated in extracurricular activities. I wonder were they sports? Or music? Or perhaps speech and debate? After graduation you went off to college to pursue your passion … Read More

Unplanned Pregnancy and the Birthmother Dilemma

Unplanned Pregnancy

Planning For An Unplanned Pregnancy You’ve just received the news you are pregnant. For some who have planned this and are ready this is great news; they’ve been waiting to celebrate this moment. For others it’s unplanned, and the timing is wrong. This could be due to age, circumstances of the relationship with the father, or a host of other … Read More

Adoption: Your Choice


Adoption – Know Your Options Many believe the myth that placing your baby up for adoption means you have no rights and no control. That is a myth! You have full rights and can make decisions up until the moment you place your baby with the adoptive family you have chosen. So, let’s dispel the myth and walk through the … Read More

Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Communication

Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Communication

Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Communication Communication is the key to any successful relationship and open adoptions are no different. To have a wonderful, healthy relationship between birth parents (or the birthmother) and the adoptive parents will take work on both sides. Here are 4 tips to help communication stay open, honest, and healthy Always speak before you act. Social … Read More

Birthmother’s Journey After Baby is Adopted

Birthmother’s Journey After Baby Is Adopted As a birthmother you have a unique journey after your baby is adopted. However, you may face postpartum after your child is placed for adoption.  in a new home. While this is a struggle faced by mothers and birthmothers alike, you may have symptoms that other moms can’t relate to. These are the most … Read More