What Kind of Adoptive Family Are You Looking For?

The adoption process is very difficult for most birthmothers. Once you’ve decided that adoption is the right path, you must make many more choices along the way. Do you want an open or closed adoption? What is your birth plan? What happens if your adoption plan changes? How do you choose the right parents? It [...]

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Birthmother Grief: How to Handle the First Year After Placement

Birthmother grief is complicated. It will fade over time, but birthmoms will often experience “waves” of grief or uncertainty, especially within the first few years of adoption. Every mother is different and may not face the same struggles at the same time as others. But, we all have one thing in common: we love our [...]

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5 Reasons Adopted Children are Grateful For Their Birthmothers

Many birthmothers never get the chance to know their children after they are placed in an adoptive family. It is a sad reality, but many birthmothers live with the worry that they may have disappointed their children or caused pain in their lives because they chose adoption. But, after hearing countless stories from adoptive children, [...]

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Choosing a Different Way: Open and Cooperative Adoption

As society changes, so does our view of adoption and the relationships that can form from it. Cooperative adoption is a relatively new concept but has been widely accepted by the adoption community. These types of adoptions follow an agreement between the birthparents and adoptive family that some contact will be kept after the placement. This [...]

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