What to Expect at Each Stage of Pregnancy

OMG! You just found out you’re pregnant! You probably have no idea what to expect, aside from what your mom or the TV tell you. For the most part, pregnancy is a mix of emotional and physical change that opens you up to new things. Your motherhood starts now, and you should be prepared. Here’s [...]

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Are Independent Adoptions a Good or Bad Option?

Have you learned about independent adoptions as a birthmother? Independent adoptions are facilitated by the birthmother, adoptive family, and a lawyer or legal team. It allows you to place your child with a family you know. You don't have to search through hundreds of potential adoptive parents to find the right match. In contrast, agencies [...]

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Choosing Adoption is Never a Mistake

We recently interviewed a new birthmother, Julia. She wanted to share her story, and the hesitations she had about adoption. We hope this story will help you consider adoption when faced with the tough decisions. An unplanned pregnancy is never easy to handle, but Julia's story gives us insight into how you make that choice. [...]

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4 Ways of Handing Postpartum Symptoms

As a birthmother, you have a unique journey after your baby is born. However, you may face postpartum depression after your child is placed in a new home. This is a struggle faced by mothers and birthmothers alike. However, you may have symptoms that other moms can’t relate to. These are the most common symptoms [...]

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