Pregnant During the Holidays

Pregnant During the Holidays

Pregnant During the Holidays

It’s getting so close to the holidays, and all of us at Birthmother’s Choice are excited to celebrate and help our birthmoms ease into the season during pregnancy. There are both benefits and drawbacks to being pregnant during the holiday season. We have some helpful hints, and sme reasons to be especially excited for this holiday season:

Take it easy. Holiday planning usually demands quite a lot of time and effort, but if you’re pregnant this season make sure you take ample time to relax. Ask your family members and friends to help out, or if they usually plan the holiday get-togethers, express to them that you need some down time to relax. Don’t push yourself to please your family if you don’t feel up to it.

Indulge (a little) in your favorite holiday foods. When you’re pregnant you need to eat mre than you usually would. So don’t feel guilty about filing your plate with your favorite holiday foods. You know your body best, and it’s perfectly fine to have a few more cookies than you normally would. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day, and don’t starve yourself so you can have a big holiday meal at night.

Don’t travel this year. It may be hard to not make the annual trip to see your family this year, but it’s best if your pregnant to stay at home. Especially if your due date is soon, you need to be close to your regular doctor’s office. Ask your family to instead come to you this season, for a nice quiet holiday at home.

Skip the holiday parties (if you want). You need as much rest and relaxation as possible, so if going to your friend’s or coworkers holiday party doesn’t sound fun, don’t go. They won’t be upset, and you can instead spend the evening curled up on the couch with a warm glass of milk and a heartwarming holiday movie.

Ask your doctor about holiday availability. Your doctor probably has a family too, and plans for this time of year. Ask them ahead of time when you will be able to reach them, and who will be available when they are not. You may also want to get an emergency number in case you go into labor when they are not in the office or on vacation.

Spread the news! Many birthmoms are hesitant to tell their families about the pregnancy. It’s perfectly normal to want to wait, but the holiday season is a perfect time to tell them all at once, and when everyone is in good spirits. Of course, if you want to wait until the holiday festivities are over, then wait until the New Year when everyone is back home.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season! And if you need help during your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact Birthmother’s Choice.

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