Facebook, Instagram…..And Adoption


Facebook, Instagram…..And Adoption

A mother of six, a DJ, and a Facebook fan…..what do they have in common? They are all one young lady sharing her story day by day on Facebook.
When Alana found out she was pregnant…..for the seventh time……she debated whether or not she should consider adoption. One thing was certain: abortion wasn’t an option she would consider! Alana tossed the idea of adoption around from the day she learned she was pregnant until her fourth month of pregnancy.
By the fourth month she had shared her pregnancy with close friends and family; but, after making the decision that adoption was the right choice this time, she began sharing her adoption story on Facebook and Instagram. Alana used her personal Facebook page, posted in a “mommy” group, and shared pictures on her Instagram account. The feedback was mixed.
Alana’s Instagram account awarded her positive results; but, she states that is because she had a “closed group” of family and close friends who were supportive of her decision. But, Facebook rendered some negative and even hostile results. These included comments such as, “Why didn’t you just have an abortion?”, “Why would anyone give their child up?” “You are going to have a C-section then give your baby up?!”, and many more. The people making these unthoughtful comments had no idea of the pain Alana was going through.
Alana adamantly states, “Sharing may be painful; but, if you help just one person save a life, it’s worth it! Never be afraid to share your story.”
Sharing her story not only helped her child have the life he deserves; it also inspired others to consider adoption when that provided the life their child deserved.
Alana posted, commented, liked, and shared, engaging with mothers online to help them make the best choice for them.

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