The “What If’s” of Adoption

The “What If’s” of Adoption

The “What If’s” of Adoption We believe that for every child, there’s a perfect family. (We speak from experience at Birthmother’s Choice.) That family could be you! Our goal is to help a potential family fulfill their dreams of becoming parents through compassionate adoption. The path to adoption can be a long one filled with infertility struggles and disappointments. Many … Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Open Adoption

Open Adoption

5 Reasons to Choose Open Adoption There are many choices a birthmother has when she finds out that she is expecting; she can choose to keep the baby, have an abortion, or place the baby for adoption. Once she has decided to place the baby for adoption, she can choose open or closed adoption. Here are 5 reasons to choose … Read More

Top 5 Things to Consider For Adoption

5 Things to Consider For Adoption An unplanned pregnancy can cause a rush of conflicting emotions to go through you. You may be swimming in disbelief, shock, uncertainty, and a hundred other emotions. Taking time to get a grasp on your emotions with these five things to consider for adoption can help reset your emotional stability. Your baby’s needs should be … Read More

The Benefits of Working with Adoption Counselors

Adoption Counselors

How Adoption Counselors Can Help You Having a baby is a major life event, and if it is one you aren’t prepared for, it can be scary. For women facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know who to turn to for support. That is where adoption counselors can help. Adoption counselors are there to … Read More