Proving the Myth Around Adoption

Proving the Myth Around Adoption

Proving the Myth

The myths around adoption are numerous and often unfounded from those who don’t have the facts and haven’t done the research. Lindsey’s story proves two myths wrong: it’s the easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy and the birthmother doesn’t love her child. Let’s explore these two myths around the myth of “unprotected sex” that results in an unplanned pregnancy.

First, adoption is not the “easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy”. There is no easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy. Some consider abortion prior to making the decision to make an adoption plan.

Birthmothers are pregnant for 40 weeks, chosing to carry and nurture their child for months, only to place them in another’s arms after birth. It is an emotional and heartfelt decision they can carry the rest of our lives and it’s not an easy one to make. The amount of thought and consideration that goes into this before birth is compounded by the moment of the birth and seeing the child for the first time.

There is no “easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy”! But, for many adoption can be the right choice.

The second myth is that a mother who would place her child for adoption “doesn’t love her child”. How can someone carry a child for eight months feeling it move, watching it grow, and not love the child? How can someone that seeks help and counseling to discuss their options and confirm their decision not love their child? These women find Birthmothers Choice because they love their child and want a great life for them!

Those that spread or believe the myths around adoption are usually uninformed. It is our job to inform them and support the birthmothers who make the choice to choose adoption for the sake of their child. At Birthmothers Choice myths are separated from facts; we provide understanding, comfort, and a safe place for ladies to explore their options and make the best choice for themselves and their child.