6 Things You Should Know About Life After Pregnancy

6 things you should know about life after pregnancy

6 Things You Should Know About Life After Pregnancy

Adoption is a great choice for many mothers who know the future of their baby belongs with another family, who has been wanting a child to raise and is ready for that next step in life. After the pregnancy, a birth mother knows what pregnancy will be like, when she is ready for a child in her life.

You may be wondering what your life will look like after you have your baby. We want you to know that though things will change, you’ll have a new, fresh outlook on many aspects of life. This is what you should expect:

Your body will change.

Even after the birth, you body feels different. Your breasts, belly and feet will still swell. You will still have to go to the bathroom all the time (as if you’re drinking coffee all day). Your appetite may change, and you may even see changes in your skin and hair. But this doesn’t last forever! Remember, it will take six to ten weeks for your body to readjust to its normal state. These changes are a sign of beauty, which only gets richer with experience.

Your relationships will take new life.

As a birthmother, people you know will see you differently, especially the father. This may change the dynamic of your relationship if you are close with him after the pregnancy. Both of you can decide how life and romance will look like. If in the end you have different needs, you will feel stronger, and happy that you did what’s best for your baby.

You’ll always have a motherly instinct.

Even birthmothers retain their natural motherly instinct, to love and protect, to give selflessly and unconditionally. This mindset will take over your life, as you care for others with a new strength. You will look after all children, not just your own. And that motherly love will continue to grow throughout your lifetime.

You’ll learn how to love differently.

The love you have for your child, whether you stay with him or allow him to be adopted by another loving family, will always be present. It will often strengthen your familial ties. Motherly love is one of those blessings in disguise of being a birthmother.

You’ll join a new society.

You can always tell who is a mother and who is not. Moms are protective, wise, and have an empathic sense that others do not. You now join the society of mothers, who share unique experiences and empathise with each other like no one else. Starting over in your life will give you a new perspective; embrace your new title as “Birthmother,” with grace and pride.

You’ll always love your baby.

You are the birthmother. That means, no matter what, you’ll always have a connection to your child. You won’t regret your decision to allow another family to adopt your baby, because the love you have will allow you to happily start a new life for him or her. And open adoptions are always an option, so that your child will have the chance to know and connect with you too.

As a birthmother, you’ve been given a gift. You are now the mother of a precious child. And that child will

teach you more about yourself than you’d ever imagine. But if motherhood isn’t in your immediate plans, you also have the opportunity to look forward to a new life after pregnancy.

If you’re a mother, tell us what you think! What other experiences have you had after your pregnancy, that you think expecting moms should know about? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.