Adoption Questions?

Birthmother’s Choice works with only a few birthmothers at a time. We help you understand the adoption process and make sure you make a choice you trust is the right one. Our goal is to assist you and guide you through the process. No matter where you live, we can help!

At Birthmother’s Choice, we are both adoptive parents and birthparents. We understand how confusing and difficult this decision can be. We know finding the right home for your child is the most important thing to you. Our goal is to guide you through the process from beginning, to end, and afterward.

Birthmother’s Choice gives you the right to choose the family YOU want. A family you trust will provide your child with a safe and loving home. A family that will love and protect your child. A family that will listen to and honor your wishes.

Laws vary in each state as to what is allowable. In most states adoptive parents are allowed to contribute to your support during your pregnancy and after. Expenses may include things like:

  • Rent & Utilities
  • Phone
  • Transportation
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Travel (if needed)

Families understand that supporting you may be necessary and helpful during this difficult time. Our goal is to determine your possible living expenses and provide you with any assistance you may need.

Yes, we discuss possible options with you. Some women request to be relocated for many reasons. Some have no stable living environment or want to get out of an unhealthy situation. We get it, and take steps to create the best plan for YOU.
That’s your choice. Only you know how your family and friends will react. They may or may not support your decision, but it’s your choice, and we are here to support you. It’s not always easy to keep an adoption plan a secret and you may feel uncomfortable keeping it from people you care about, but at the end of the day, you need to do what’s best for you and your baby if adoption is your choice.
As they say, sex happens. Maybe you met at a party or a bar and you’re just not sure of the birthfather’s identity or how to reach him. We don’t judge. Each state has different laws about birthfathers’ rights and how to pursue an unknown father. We work with attorneys to determine the best way to proceed.
Birthfathers that are not supportive are quite common. Again, laws vary in each state about birthfathers’ rights. We move forward with adoption professionals to work with an unsupportive birthfather.
It’s your choice to have an open, semi-open or closed adoption. We will explore those options with you so you can decide what’s best. It may take time and you may not know right away. This is a lifelong choice so you want to be clear.
Your child will grow up in a loving family who will be providing them with many opportunities, caring family and friends and a secure financial future because of your decision. Adoptive parents share their own adoption story with their child when they feel the child is able to understand the amazing choice you made. Remember, you will always be the first mom!
Many women feel guilty that they aren’t ready to parent. You may think it’s your responsibility, and unsupportive friends or family members may contribute to that feeling. Only you know what’s best for your child, and adoption is a selfless act of love. All you are guilty of is loving your child and wanting to provide the best future for them that you can.
At your request, we send you an information packet to get started, but it does not commit you. The only obligation you have is to you and your baby.