No Support For My Adoption Decision

Jenna found out that she’s pregnant and after much consideration, has decided to place her baby for adoption. She feels that she isn’t financially suitable to raise a child and she doesn’t feel ready to raise a baby on her own. She works most days as it is and knows she can’t raise her child [...]

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What Is Open Adoption?

According to Creating A Family (, closed domestic adoptions only make up 5% of adoptions that take place. 40% of adoptions are mediated and 55% of those adoptions are open. The percentage of adoption agencies that offer open adoption has also increased to 95%. It seems as if secrecy is becoming a thing of the [...]

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Questions To Ask Your Potential Adoptive Parents

So you’ve made the decision to place your baby for adoption. The next step is to work with an agency (like Birthmother’s Choice) to choose the adoptive parents. You want to be sure that you choose a family you are comfortable with to raise your child so it’s important when you meet with them to [...]

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Relieving Stress is Important, Even When You’re Pregnant

Deciding whether or not to place your baby for adoption is never an easy choice. It can bring added stress to the already stressful situation of discovering you are pregnant. Stress can affect your body, health, and behavior in multiple ways. It can lead to issues of high blood pressure or heart disease. In some [...]

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