Writing a Letter to My Birth Child

The open adoption process is both a blessing in disguise and one of the hardest parts of the birth mother's journey. Many mothers don’t know this is an option at first, and it leaves them torn on what to do. Open adoptions are typically more healthy for the birth and adoptive parents, but many questions [...]

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When You Hear Your Child Call Someone Else Mom

Julie knew her daughter would call someone else Mom when she made her adoption plan. But what she knew and what became reality the day she actually heard it happen were two different things. “I honestly felt a little like my heart was torn out,” she said of that day several years before. “I was [...]

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Choosing Open Adoption When You Were Adopted

Janie's mother realized a few months after she was born that she wasn’t ready to be a parent after all. Janie went into foster care before she was adopted around her first birthday. It was a closed adoption so that was all she knew about her birth mother. At 17, Janie found herself pregnant. She was [...]

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The Future

To so many people, the concept of the future is a daunting expanse of endless possibilities. It’s an abstract collage of what you hope it might be, a void filled with dreams and chance happenings. It can be frightening and fill you with anxiety because of the uncertainty of it all. So why make a [...]

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