How a Birth Mothers’ Support Group Can Help You Heal

You know you aren’t the only woman who has ever made an adoption plan, but you can still feel alone. You know you aren’t alone. Yet, knowing that doesn’t change what it can feel like. Support groups are a great way to connect and feel less alone, but sometimes the idea of a support group [...]

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7 Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Chosen Adoptive Family

Choosing an open adoption often means a plan has been worked out for you, the birth mom, to receive pictures and updates about your child. But relationships are a two-way street. How can you effectively grow a healthy relationship with your child’s family? Here's what you can do to get to know your child's adoptive family: [...]

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Responding to Negative Reactions to Your Adoption Plan

Let’s face it: not everyone is going to agree that you’re making a good decision by choosing an adoption plan. But how you handle their reactions can make a big difference in your relationship moving forward. There will be family members who may suddenly volunteer to raise your child for you “until you are ready.” [...]

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Letting Go – On Owning Your Grief and Healing Your Heart

The day your baby went to live with his adoptive parents, you let go physically. But did you let go emotionally? Despite what people may think, you don’t just close your heart and thoughts. You made a big decision, and while it might be easier in many ways if you could just move forward without [...]

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