Could Adoption After Parenting Be Right for You?

Sometimes life takes a completely unexpected turn. A surprise pregnancy when you already have a full house can change everything. When 38-year-old Cheryl faced an unexpected pregnancy after she thought she was finished having children, she didn’t know what to do. She knew she had two personally acceptable parenting choices: to parent a fifth child [...]

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7 Ways to Support My Adoption Plan

Let’s face it: not everyone is going to know how to respond to your news about making an adoption plan. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to them, and sometimes they are afraid of offending or hurting you by asking questions. You can help them by sharing some or all of the following ways they can [...]

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Self Care After Adoption

The big day has come and gone. You’ll never forget all the emotions you were flooded with as you welcomed your little one into the world…and then said goodbye when it was time to let him join his adoptive family. Your body physically hurts, and your heart is a jumble of confusing, rollercoaster emotions. What [...]

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When Your Adoption Plan Changes

She pulls out a picture of a young girl. “This is the most recent picture they sent me,” she says, referring to her daughter’s adoptive parents. “It’s funny because my first plan wouldn’t have been like this.” At fifteen, Audrey found herself pregnant and afraid. Her boyfriend had already broken up with her, saying he [...]

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