Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Baby and Their Adoptive Family

  Before adoptions were socially accepted, many birthmothers lost all contact with their children and their adoptive families. This caused a lot of heartbreak, both for the birthmother and her child when he or she grew up. But now, open adoptions allow the adoptive family and birth family to communicate. This adoption process creates a [...]

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Common Misconceptions About the Birthmother Journey

  It’s hard to explain the life and sacrifices of a birthmother. No one truly understands what she goes through, except for other birthmothers. Yet, many people form beliefs about birthmothers, adoptees and adoptive parents that simply aren’t true. It’s important for everyone involved in the adoption process that they aren’t a stereotype.. They’re a [...]

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What Happens if Your Regret Your Adoption?

  All birthmothers fear regret. They fear regret of placing their child, regret of their choice of adoptive parents, and regret of going through with the pregnancy. It’s one of the scariest emotions you’ll feel when making the choice to place your baby for adoption. But, thousands of women choose adoption every year. How do [...]

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5 Things to Ask Your Adoption Counselor

Placing your baby for adoption is one of the hardest times in your life. You give so much love not only to your baby, but to your baby’s adoptive parents. This takes incredible strength. Pregnancy can be scary for all women. But birthmothers must make tough decisions, and handle emotions few people can understand. You [...]

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