Pregnant During the Holidays

Pregnant During the Holidays It’s getting so close to the holidays, and all of us at Birthmother’s Choice are excited to celebrate and help our birthmoms ease into the season during pregnancy. There are both benefits and drawbacks to being pregnant during the holiday season. We have some helpful hints, and sme reasons to be [...]

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The Day After Your Adoption

The Day After Your Adoption After the birth, and after the new adoptive family has taken your baby home - when you’ve settled back into everyday life - you’ll have the feeling--the feeling that you’re missing something more than the life you carried for nine months. A part of your life has changed. The first [...]

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Remembering the Milestones of Mother and Child

Remembering the Milestones of Mother and Child When you were a child your parents celebrated every milestone growing up. They probably still have film of your first steps, keep pictures of your first birthday party, and remember exactly what happened on your first day of school. These are more than just moments in childhood. They [...]

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