It’s National Adoption Month!

It’s National Adoption Month! November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate and recognize all people who have been positively affected by adoptions. Children and their adoptive parent celebrate their unique families; birthmothers celebrate with each other to acknowledge their shared journey, and parents looking to adopt are encouraged to consider all options, including [...]

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Making the Right Decision with the Birth Father

Making the Right Decision with the Birth Father You just found out you’re pregnant. Like, today you found out you’re pregnant. You haven’t told anyone yet. But you’re dreading the reaction you might get from the first person to tell: the father. Hopefully he turns out to be a supportive friend, if not boyfriend or [...]

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Are You Still a Mom After Your Baby is Placed?

Are You Still a Mom After Your Baby is Placed? Birthmothers often don’t receive credit for their amazing story after the baby is placed in the adoptive home. Some moms feel confused after the delivery, because they don’t know whether to call themselves a mom anymore or not. The biological mother is technically not a [...]

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When Is a Birthmother a Birthmother?

When Is a Birthmother a Birthmother? Most women who choose adoption after they find out they’re pregnant wonder, “Am I just a mom, or a birth mom?” It can be weird to use a term for yourself that you’ve never heard, especially when many people don’t agree whether a birthmother is a woman who has [...]

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Making the Courageous Choice

Making the Courageous Choice Imagining an adoption is nearly impossible. When you first find out you’re pregnant, it’s so hard to know what you’ll do in the end. Because the media doesn’t talk about what it’s like to be a birth mom, it’s s difficult to understand that choice, let alone relate to it. Could [...]

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