The BabySTEPS Program

ReachSOURCE ADoption Services, LLC, offers a birth mother referral program called The BabySTEPS Program. The purpose of the program is to locate a birthmother for a waiting family and make a loving connection between them. We realize the adoption process can be an emotional roller coaster for the family and the birthmother. We are adoptive parents so we've been there. We know that many adoption websites offer an overwhelming amount of confusing information. It's enough to make your head spin and wonder, "where do we begin"? You begin with Baby STEPS…


Why The BabySTEPS Program?

Our program networks with adoption agencies, attorneys and hundreds of adoption professionals. If you are working with an adoption agency, attorney or facilitator, chances are you will be working solely with that adoption professional and limiting your chances of connecting with a potential birthmother. We work and network with many different adoption agencies, attorneys and adoption professionals on your behalf - not locking you into one way to pursue your adoption dreams. Many of our families may already have agencies and/or attorneys that they work with. The BabySTEPS program widens your search...


What Will BabySTEPS Do For You?

Once you've completed your home study and are ready to start your search, we will assist you in putting together a parent profile and letter to the birth mother. You may already have one.  We would request ten profiles to start the networking process. Our process begins by posting your profile to our website which is displayed on many large search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,  MSN,, and other adoption related sites. In addition we advertise in print media, along with social media networks, such as Face Book, Twitter, My Space and You Tube. 

In addition to our own aggressive advertising campaign, we network your parent profile to adoption agencies, attorneys, facilitators and adoption professionals within the United States. Once we are contacted by a potential birthmother and have received her information and assessment packet that includes social and medical history, confirmation of pregnancy, her desires, race, financial information and more, we submit your parent profile if the situation meets your criteria.

Once a "match" is made between compatible parties and both parties agree to move forward with an adoption plan, then the process of the adoption journey begins…


How Long Will It Take?

Adoption is unpredictable and waiting times vary greatly depending on your adoption criteria. For example, would you consider a birthmother with a history of drug use? Are you open to a mixed race child? What is your adoption budget? What type of adoption you are looking for? Will you work with a birthmother that is early in her pregnancy?  Do you want an open or closed adoption? There are many factors that go into making a match to include the most important; being selected by the birthmother if you meet her criteria and she meets yours. We provide leads for a domestic adoption of a newborn or child of all races and ethnicities.


Can You Provide The Services That Birthmother Or Birthfather Needs?

The BabySTEPS Program works only with adoption professionals. We work with counselors, hospitals, lawyers, doctors, adoption agencies & clinics.  We offer referrals and resources to adoptive parents and birthmothers giving them the necessary tools to make sound decisions. We reach out to our birthmothers, have an open door policy and are available to them 24/7 to assist in the adoption process and alleviate undue stress. Our support and compassionate approach has helped many birthmothers realize how brave they really are to even consider adoption for their unborn child.


What information can I get about the birthmother?

In most cases a birthmother wants to select a family and have a phone conversation prior to making her final decision.  Most are looking to make a connection and may speak to several couples to find the right one.  We will provide information regarding the birth parents once received.  This will include medical and social  information, family history, adoption plan and desires,  race, birthfather information, proof of pregnancy, family involvement, drug use (if any), medical plan, pictures and more..


Do we need an attorney or agency?

Yes, you do.  The BabySTEPS Program may locate the birthmother for you, but the next step is to hire a licensed adoption agency or attorney to handle the legal aspects of the adoption. We help coordinate and navigate the adoption plan moving forward - exploring the desires and needs of the potential birthmother and sharing her information with all parties involved. The BabySTEPS program is engaged solely in the business of adoption networking and advertising for the purpose of soliciting parties to an adoption. The Baby STEPS Program is an affiliate of ReachSOURCE Adoptions Services, LLC and does not represent itself as an adoption agency, attorney, social worker or medical provider.


BabySTEPS Program Fees.

The BabySTEPS Program has an affordable one-time networking fee of $3000.00.  Once in the program, we begin networking your parent profile to help make your dream of becoming parents a reality. We offer continual support and case management before the match, during the pregnancy and beyond. Once the match is made and accepted, additional fees may apply.

Adoption is often unpredictable. Prospective birthmothers, with the best intentions of placing their child for adoption, do change their mind.  If this occurs, the BabySTEPS Program provides referrals until which time a child is adopted. We know it's heartbreaking when an adoption plan doesn't work out, but will continue to move forward towards a successful placement.

If you want us to hold your hand, just reach out and begin… with BabySTEPs.